2018 Fitness Goals

This is a list of the events I decided to participate in 2018. This year will be my first full marathon, obstacle race, and my first 100-mile bike ride.

  • Zydeco Marathon

    March 4th

    This is my first full marathon. I did the 1/2 marathon in 2004. My goal is to finish without having to talk, and I expect to have a 15 minute pace.

  • Houston Spartin Sprint Race

    March 24th

    This is my first obstacle race. We are turning this into a whole family event. My youngest son is running a 1/2 mile course, my twins are running a 1 mile course, and me and my wife are running the sprint.

  • Tour Lafitte


    I've been wanting to do this event for a few years now. I am going to bike the 64 mile course. This will be my longest bike ride to date.

  • Cajun Man Triathlon


    2017 was my first year running in the Cajun Man Triathlon. I think this is going to be an event I try to attend every year moving forward.

  • Le Tour de Bayou


    This will me my first 100 Mile Bike ride. Another first for me in 2018.

  • Cajun Cup 10K

    Early November

    This will me first time running the Cajun Cup, and I plan on running it every year moving forward.

  • Camellia Crossing 5K

    Late November

    I've run in the Camellia Crossing several years, this is probably the only 5K I'll run in moving forward. It happens at a good time of the year, and day (night race).

About Me

I am a 40 year old father of 3, developer, entrepreneur and dare I say biohacker from Lafayette La. I am creating this site as an experiment to better track many aspects of my life, and share my progress.

My main focus right now is on becoming more fit and training for my first full marathon this March. I am planning on doing a few "30 Days of..." experiments this year as well. Stay tuned.